Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are Hop Education?

    Hop Education is a personalised education service provider which helps to streamline the process of getting an Australian accredited qualification regardless of where you live in the world.

  • What does Hop Education do?

    We compare and assess your existing skills and experience against the Australian industry standards for the course of study or qualification you are interested in completing. Based on our assessment, we will inform you if any gaps in your learning or experience exist. If gaps in your learning or experience are found, we will provide you with information on how to fill in those gaps, working with you closely throughout the whole process to ensure the simplest path to your qualification.

  • What is Skills Recognition Program (SRP)?

    SRP is the acknowledgment of a person’s skills and knowledge acquired through previous training, work or life experience, which may be used to obtain an accredited qualification. When you enroll with Hop Education you are enrolling into our Skills Recognition Program which essentially helps to streamline the process in obtaining an Australian qualification by having your previous skills recognised.

  • What is a Portfolio of Evidence? and how do I collect evidence?

    A Portfolio of Evidence is a collection of evidence that you have obtained during your learning, your career experience and your personal and professional development. Your evidence can be collected from a range of sources including the following:

    • Existing work experience – The practical work experience you have gained to date may have provided you with solid skills and knowledge that are of relevance to a course of study. Work experience may be informal, formal, full time, part time, voluntary, or paid.
    • Existing qualifications  – You may have completed educational courses that have provided you with knowledge and understanding that is of relevance to the course of study. For example, if you have another qualification, this may count as credit toward a different qualification.
    • Life skills and experience – Your general life experiences and the skills you have developed over time may also count toward the qualification you wish to complete.

    It is advised that you are methodical with your collection. Ensure that you cross-reference evidence clearly so that your SRP assessor can see how it relates to the performance criteria.

  • What method can I use to provide evidence?

    We prefer all supporting evidence be in electronic format, for instance, word/pdf documents, PowerPoint, etc.

    You can upload your documents via your Online Student account so that personal documentation, such as ID and private documents, can be sent via encrypted online file-sharing and uploading systems. This ensures privacy, confidentiality, and integrity of information being submitted.

    Hard copy documentation may be sent, however, we prefer soft copies as we have an appreciation for the environment and we try to reduce our carbon footprint in our business practices.

  • What happens if I don't have enough evidence?

    When applicants are unable to provide enough supporting evidence to verify competency in all units in the Qualification, they may need to complete some form of “Gap Training”.

  • What are the benefits of an Australian Recognised Qualification?

    Nationally Recognised Qualifications from Australia can be used to obtain additional visa points. They are also useful to help your chances of prospective employment. Australian businesses look for individuals that can prove they have the necessary skills and industry experience.

    • It saves you time and money
    • It’s a quick and easy process
    • It can enhance your career opportunities
    • No Classroom attendance
    • No repetition of already gained training
    • You can meet industry standards
    • Gain professional development

  • Do I need to live in Australia to enter into the Hop Education Skills Recognition Program?

    No, while we are based in Australia, we specialise in delivering education programs & services to people who are wanting to obtain an Australian qualification from overseas. We work with our clients through various communication mediums such as video conference, phone, email, and mail. If formal training is required to complete your qualification, Our team will work with you in providing the best option to suit your requirements.

  • Is the qualification gained through the Skills Recognition Program the same as a qualification gained through formal training in Australia?

    Yes, your skills and knowledge are recognised irrespective of where you learn those skills. You do not have to attend formal training or live in Australia. The qualification will be the same as any gained through formal training within Australia at a Registered Training Organisation and will be recognised through the Australian Quality Training Framework.

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